Football Inspired Workout Ideas

Happy Friday! This morning, I made a pumpkin buckwheat bowl for breakfast with a coffee on the side! I added some Peanut Butter & Co Cinnamon Raisin PB and pumpkin pie spice in the mix! Perfect for a fall morning.


Fall means….Football season and post-season baseball!


It also means a lot of sitting around rooting for your team with snacks, dips, and drinks!

Can you tell who my favorite teams are?:)

I came across this TV segment on Fox News a few weeks ago, which talks about “football fitness” and exercises you can do in your own home while watching games. I thought that they had some great ideas, so I wanted to share.

-Every time your team scores, do 7 “team” push-ups

-Do your touchdown dance!

-Do an extra 3 push-ups for a field goal

-Or you can switch it up and add some crunches or other moves into the mix! Some examples include High Knees, Heismans, and Side Shuffles. You can click on the links to see exercise videos!

Here are a few more “football-inspired” workout moves. Please disregard the name “Tom Brady” in the title. I’m an Eagles girl!

-Do 12 reps of each exercise (6 exercises total) for a total of 4 circuits

1. “Lunge and Toss”

2. “Down and Out”

3. “Bump and Run”

4. “Fourth Quarter Crunches”

5. “Bench Warmer Squat”

6. “Dumbbell Touchdown”

Have fun!:)


  1. I was wary, too! I have to admit, I probably like the taste of oats better (both hot and overnight), but Buckwheat is a good change! It’s more grainy than oats, if that make sense? Whenever I make it, I have to add more sugar than I usual do to sweeten it up!

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