Grad School Senioritis

I admit it. I have PA school “senioritis” bad. Graduation is only a month away, but I still have a few more weeks of rotations and assignments to complete. I wanted to list some of the good things about this rotation and what I am looking forward to in the near future to help get me through these next four weeks!

-I am very thankful to have another Ob/Gyn rotation for more experience, since I am interested in pursuing a career in women’s health.

-I have the opportunity to help deliver babies. It is such a happy time! We delivered twins this afternoon, and I was the first one to hold both the babies. It was an amazing feeling!

-I get to go to the hospital a few days a week in scrubs and a sweatshirt. Atleast I’m comfy! And the hospital has really good cinnamon coffee. Of course that would make my list!

-I recently downloaded new songs on iTunes, which makes my drive to work more exciting.

-I have Thursdays off, so I can get some studying done for my boards. Tomorrow, I plan on trying out my new workout gear from B!


-I only have 2 more full weeks after this week left. The last two weeks are shorter because of Thanksgiving and board review.

-After this rotation, I am moving back home to PA. This means more time with family, friends, and B!

-I get to see my PA school friends in a few weeks to celebrate graduation!


-The holidays are not too far away. I absolutely love everything about this time of the year, and I will definitely be playing Christmas music soon.

-Speaking of the holidays, Starbucks already has their red cups and holiday drinks available! Check out my Seasonal Coffee post for some ideas on what to order.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?


  1. I’d love to hear more about your PA experience! Your interest in Women’s Health sounds amazing! I am interested in that, as well. Enjoy your final couple weeks! I’m looking forward to my own graduation… but that is not for another 200 days or so!:)

  2. That is SO amazing that you got to be the first one to hold the babies!!! Awesome!

    My husband graduates from Med school in May and he has MAJOR senioritis–I hope he makes it to May! Ha!

    I am so excited about Thanksgiving–I am going home to Kentucky! YAY! And I am also getting pumped for Christmas!!!

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