Organized In My Own Way

I’m sure many of you are also looking forward to the fact that this is the last full week before Thanksgiving break! This is also my last FULL week of PA school rotations, and I am definitely counting down! 9 work days to go before graduation, which is 3 weeks from today!:)

I will also be moving home in two weeks. I have lived in NJ more than PA this year, so I have been a so-called “slocal”!  I can’t even remember the last time I pumped my own gas! I will definitely miss the beautiful views.


A few days ago, I came across a free iPhone app called Evernote.  I started using it right away because I love organization and making lists, especially when it comes to school. I already have school to-do lists, gift ideas for family and friends, and recipes and workouts that I want to try in my “notebooks”! The great thing about this app is that you can download it on your computer, too. When you update your notes on your computer, it automatically syncs the changes to your iPhone.

I have also survived PA school with my planner. And lots of highlighters. I like being able to anticipate what is coming up. It is good timing that I am at the end of my current planner just in time for graduation! I’ll have to get a new one ASAP!


Even though I am organized when it comes to my schedule and school, I admit that I am NOT so organized when it comes to the house, bookkeeping, etc. However, I almost always seem to know where everything is. So, I like to say that I am organized in my own way!😉 I am going to try and get better with this, though. I pinned some good organization ideas for the house on Pinterest, which is a start!


Is anyone else organized in some ways but unorganized in others?


  1. I totally am a blend of OCD organized and then utter chaos! Haha! I have my drawers that are my “anything and everything” drawers. It is ridiculous! My goal for this month when Chase is gone is to organize all of my chaos drawers–so far so good!:)

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