PA School Graduation

I never thought the day would come. I graduated from PA school with my Master’s degree!

Over the weekend, our program had a board review, so it was nice to be back in Philly! Even though the days were jam-packed with hours of lectures, it was so good to see all of my classmates. Our class also had a happy hour in the city on Friday night, so we were able to celebrate the end of the past 2+ years! It was sad realizing that I won’t see many of these people after graduation. We all spent so much time together, and I honestly met great friends in this program. I can’t wait to see where everyone ends up!:)

It was such a weird feeling to sit in the same exact seats we did two years ago and to think how far we have come! I made sure to continue my old routine of getting coffee from my favorite cart outside the hospital (even though everyone claims the cup smells like “cart food”)! I am also more hooked on Starbucks Mistos after many visits over the past few days (sorry, Wawa)! After getting home from my last day of board review, my parents surprised me with a new watch for graduation. I love it!

This morning, my family, B, and I headed back into the city for graduation! We finally got our long white coats!!:) At the reception, faculty displayed our graduate projects. You can see part of my project at this website, on celiac disease during pregnancy.


After graduation, we headed to Continental for a celebratory dinner. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Philly. My sister and I love going here for brunch, and this was my first time eating dinner here. It did not disappoint! We ordered a few appetizers, including roasted red pepper & feta dip, shoestring fries, and cheesesteak eggroll. I ordered the lobster macaroni and cheese for dinner, and we will have plenty of leftovers this week! My favorite dessert was definitely the blondie. B got an expresso, and we thought he looked so silly with this little cup!  


Thank you so much to my family, friends, and B for being so encouraging and positive over the past 2 years. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you being there, supporting me every step of the way (even when I was a huge stress-ball). Love you!

So now that graduation is over, I will be studying for the boards and hopefully sneaking in some Christmas shopping and fun in there!😉

Does anyone else love “cart coffee” as much as I do?

Are you done your Christmas shopping? Any good deals you have found?


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