How I Survived the Boards

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is having a good day before the holiday weekend!:)

Now that the PA boards are behind me, I wanted to share a few of my study/work tips that got me through my few weeks of studying. I plan on using these tips when I have to get work done in the future!

1. Find a good study/work spot. I found the chain stores (Starbucks, B&N, etc.) to be really crowded this time of the year, so I tried out a few new places. These included the library and Dunkin Donuts.

2. With that said, I do not recommend that you study at Dunkin Donuts. The employees will continuously ask you what you are studying, tell you that you look tired, and ask you how many boyfriends you have. Although the coffee and Munchkin’s were an added bonus, I didn’t stay there long.

3. Always have a coffee or tea with you, but don’t forget to drink water! A festive coffee tumbler or mug is always a good idea.


4. Download Pandora on your phone. I mostly listened to the Michael Buble Holiday station, but I like some acoustic bands when studying. It also drowns out the other noise! For me, this was a bunch of kids running around the library and an extra-friendly lady at the recreational center where I studied in NJ.

5. Chick-fil-a. While I believe in all in moderation, I think comfort food is a must. It’s a little treat that makes me feel better!


6. Take study/work breaks. I treated myself to a massage a few days before the boards, and I am really happy I took that break. It helped me relax and instantly made me feel better. The leopard flats I bought at Target that afternoon didn’t hurt, either!

7. A cute study buddy. For me, it was this little guy.


8. Sleep. Personally, I can’t think straight when I don’t get enough sleep. I tried to put the books down each night with TV or a magazine to get my mind off of what I was studying. I also set a deadline for myself the day before where I forced myself to relax and get to bed early.

9. Exercise. While I had a bad experience when I tried to fit a workout into my routine last week, I think exercise is needed to reduce stress and energize. I wish I did more yoga!

10. Think positive! I tried to concentrate on what I had to look forward after the boards, which includes the holidays, a New Year’s ski trip, and lots of visits with friends!:)

The #1 tip I have to always remind myself is not to fret over the little things. I need to work on that in the new year!


Have a good day! I’ll be baking these brownie bites tonight. I know how much you love your brownies, L!😉

What are your tips for when you are on a deadline/have to get work or studying done?


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